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With our latest and most efficient facility; now we are able to mine BITCOIN at 210.87exhash per second and for Ethereum 1.02 PH/s.

The first thing to know is that two things are central to the concept of blockchain: public key encryption and math.However, public key cryptography and math go together in blockchains like burgers and beer.

In 2018 the world witnessed BTC price all time - low which is $12,000 for the first time. Along with an all time - low, the wee of an idea took place somewhere in the west. The idea was to create a world with digital entrepreneurship and thus the birth of My BTC Mining took place.

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Participate in the Revolution:

Join world’s first self-manage investment program.

Invest in coins which you think are profitable.

Build Your Network To Expand Your Benefits

Earn endless affiliate income.

Redesign Your Digital Future.


  • Our enthusiastic members created My BTC Mining. We are and will always be there for our members. In this digital era, My BTC Mining started with a vision of encouraging more digital entrepreneurs around the world, for which we have a long tale to master the journey of successful entrepreneurship.

  • With our enthusiastic nature comes our assignment, we aim to change the life of our members. Since we can't change everyone's life we have segregated our members who are willing to do good for the community and we will help them with all the good work in financial means. Yes!

  • We are on a mission to make atleast 10,000 members millionaires from every country and they can have their own desired mission for the community.

Enter the world of encryption

And become the part of future.

Safe & Secure

Assured 360 degree security

Spread Out Globally

As we have our customers spread all over the world, our aim is to provide them with service which will help them

Expert Support

We provide 24/7 expert support for our registered clients.

Easy Usage

MY BTC MINING is an ideal platform even for beginners. It works very easily and smoothly.


Our easy-to-use platform is as transparent as we could have made it.

Expert Solutions

We have an expertise team to solve each and every issue or query you will have while working on MY BTC MINING.

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