• January 2018

    Our founders created and invented MY BTC MINING. While BTC tops $12,000 for the first time, It got engaged with an interest in mining cryptocurrency.

  • June 2018

    Crypto is a volatile commodity and tends to move anywhere between 5% to 10% during a single day. Hence it even Moved off 25% over a month. Yet Our Experts made a significant move and helped us Balance the portfolios and profits.

  • February 2019

    We Successfully Mined $10 Million worth of portfolio in just less than a year. And crypto by default itself is a decentralized currency and thus has the backing of any economy or government whose condition could be used as a fundamental standpoint to determine its worth.

  • July 2019

    Bitcoin reached an all time - low of the year which proportionally increased the portfolio worth of MY BTC MINING.

  • September 2020

    Owning the astonishing success, we started receiving requests from worldwide for small investors to participate in our successful journey.

  • January 2021

    It has been an achievement for the past three years by sustaining and maintaining the portfolio at higher profits. The company reserve funds were capable enough for MY BTC MINING.

  • August 2021

    We were all set to launch MY BTC MINING's official website across the internet to facilitate and contribute to our loyal users and help them secure their future financially.

  • October 2021

    To make our investment packages user-friendly to all the users globally, we introduced a minimum investment of just $50.

  • February 2022

    We are here to redesign My BTC Mining global platform and portfolio to make cryptocurrencies our future assists with the fresh start to make investment and merchant gateway our leading solution in the community.

  • September 2022

    Seek to initiate our project of My NFT Mining as the stepping stone into the world or digital asset building.

  • December 2022

    Planning to establish a minimum of 25 operation offices and Ten more company incorporation for self-trading platforms across the globe.

  • April 2023

    We are here to launch Dig My Land Metaverse to offer users enter into the digital world from the beginning.

  • August 2023

    Initiate our own mining facility into Dig My Land Metaverse to offer people a tour into a restricted mining facilitated areas.

  • April 2024

    Half a million payment gateway API of MY BTC MINING wallet and target to reach a minimum of daily merchant transactions of Hundreds of Million dollars.

  • July 2024

    Looking to establish multiple mining centers in metaverse to operate globally and give benefits of facility to the digital entrepreneurs.