What is Crypto Staking?

Cryptocurrency staking is a method for earning interest on your cryptocurrency holdings by locking them up for a certain period. It is similar to P2P lending; however you can gain interest from your funds instead of borrowing from others.

How much is the minimum staking amount?

Minimum staking amount is $50

How does staking works at My BTC Mining?

Staking is a process by which users contribute cryptocurrency to a wallet address and receive rewards. To earn rewards, a staker must keep their wallet open and unlocked. When a "staker" sends coins from their wallet to an address, it is locked and becomes unavailable until the transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain. In return for locking up their coins for others to hold, they receive newly minted coins in exchange.

Benefits of Crypto Staking:

Crypto staking allows you to earn passive income with minimal effort or cost - all you have to do is keep your coins locked up for long enough. Staking can be done, with several different methods, including Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Reserve (PoR).

Staking provides higher returns than Proof-of-Work mining, which requires many resources and electricity costs. Stakers receive their reward after being awarded some percentage of the block reward for holding their coins for a certain period.

As more people stake their tokens, there will be fewer nodes on the network. This helps to reduce fees for all users on the blockchain because fewer transactions will generated from them (e.g., when there is less congestion). Further, this means that even if a user's transaction fails due to congestion, they can still expect to receive their transaction fee back from stakers

Staking At My BTC Mining:

Crypto Staking makes My BTC Mining to distributes coins to its loyal supporters, who then store the coins in a “stake”. The term can be used interchangeably with master nodes, although they are not technically mandatory for staking.

My BTC Mining offers members to “stake” selective cryptocurrencies for a fixed period which is then collectively stored in a dedicated wallet address. These collections of coins are then locked until the transactions confirm on the blockchain. Once the transaction is confirm, the wallet address gets rewards for staking profits, and allocated to the “staker” concerning their staking amount.

What will happen after maturity?

A member can withdraw the staking amount along with the profits after maturity.

A withdrawal after maturity will consider a fee of 15%

If a person wants to break the stake between maturity, 50% of the amount will be charged from the staked amount.

Stacking Chart

60 Days 90 Days 120 Days 150 Days
BTC 0.40% 0.70% 0.90% 1.30%
ETH 0.35% 0.71% 0.84% 0.98%
XRP 0.31% 0.52% 0.66% 0.92%
Doge 0.10% 0.32% 0.49% 0.81%
USDT 0.59% 0.76% 0.92% 1.31%
BCH 0.33% 0.51% 0.64% 0.96%
SHIB 0.29% 0.47% 0.61% 0.89%
LTC 0.34% 0.62% 0.77% 1.02%
TRX 0.42% 0.78% 0.91% 1.29%