To give you all a clear context about our founder, CEO: JAKUB BUTTLER, who carried out computers and marketing from the university of Stanford and London business school, above that he had a key interest in cryptocurrency, forex, and other various online businesses.

We at My BTC Mining Ltd., are extremely delighted to have him as the CEO of mybtcmining.com. and to have him lead us to glory. With My BTC Mining Ltd, we expect phenomenal growth and an innovative future.



A senior executive is responsible for managing the financial actions of a company.Here we have highly dedicated Chief Financial Officer : MARIA MITCHEAL who’s work includes developing the company’s budget, communicating with the company’s banking and insurance partners, and advising other executives on strategic matters relating to company finances. Her aim is to develop a global perspective through international exposure, especially in emerging markets like Africa and various asian countries. Her experience can help manage through the volatility and complexity often associated with these regions.



Every venture has a public representative, who makes people understand the dreams and vision of their company. My BTC Mining has a public representative JESSICA SHIRLEY, she observes the need of people and conveys it to the company. My BTC Mining respects Jessica’s vision of serving the clients to the best possible way which makes her reach to a soaring height of networking and marketing strategies.

Alfred Erickson & Andrew Stevenson


Crypto mining is like water to a plant. It’s the backbone of cryptocurrency network. It’s a process to update data, verify transactions and prevent fraud. And our mining engineer: ALFRED ERICKSON and ANDREW STEVENSON do that job.They check and validate transactions and complete mining farms and look after them and their team of professionals!